These are the most commonly requested amps that I build. I have also done dozens of other classic amps and many custom designs and circuits. Those include: AB763 Blackface Deluxe/Super/Twin Reverb, 5F1 Tweed Champ, 5F6A Tweed Bassman, 5F4 Tweed Super, Marshall JTM45, 6G3 Brownface Deluxe, 5G9 Tweed Tremolux.

All amps are available as combos, heads, or separate head and cabinet.  Price can vary depending on various cabinet and circuit options, please inquire if you are curious.

5 Watt

1 x 10” combo, volume and tone controls. Based on Fender 5F2A Tweed Princeton. Warm and tubey, early breakup but not as early as you’d think. Single 6V6 power tube. Weber Signature Series speaker.

5F11 Style 10 Watt

1 x 10” or 1 x 12” combo, volume, tone, depth, and speed controls. Nice full sound with killer tremolo. Decent headroom. Based on Fender 5F11 Tweed Vibrolux. Pair of 6V6 power tubes. Weber Vintage Alnico speaker. Footswitch included.

5E3 Style 12 Watt

1 x 12” combo. Based on the classic Rock and Blues amp, the Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe. Two channels (Bright and Normal), volume and tone controls, negative feedback switch. Full, in your face, big low end, awesome overdrive. I make a few changes form the original to make the amp more versatile. Pair of 6V6 power tubes. Weber 12F125 speaker. Footswitch included.

Princeton Reverb Style 14 Watt

My take on a Princeton Reverb style circuit. 1 x 10” or 1 x 12” combo. Volume, treble, bass, “tweed”, depth, speed, and reverb controls. Super versatile grab and go amp. Ample headroom for most situations, chimey, clean, full, great overdrive when you get there. Pair of 6V6 power tubes. Weber Vintage Ceramic Speaker. A high powered version is also available. It puts out ~25 watts and has larger transformers and 6L6 power tubes. More bass and headroom. Footswitch included.

18 Watt

The classic EL84 Marshall style amp. Tons of options are available, reverb, trem, full tone stack, or the simple volume and tone controls. Rich, chimey, crisp, killer overdrive. Available as 1 x 12” or 2 x 10” combo.

AB763 Style 22 Watt

Deluxe reverb type amp with tremolo and reverb. 1 x 12” combo. Clean, clear, the classic Fender blackface sound. I often modify channel 1 to have more gain and midrange to have another voice and make the amp more versatile. Weber 12F150 speaker. Footswitch included.

The Swinger

Based on the Charlie Christian amp of the late 30’s, the Gibson EH185. Smokey and thick cleans, nice crunch when you dig in. High gain and low gain channels. Available with 6V6 or 6L6 power tubes for less or more volume/headroom. Typically comes with volume and tone controls on both channels, I often change high gain channel to bass and treble controls.